Ex-WD Ariel Wing bought at auction 1948

by John Warren.


Used as farm work horse until the mid

1960s then replaced by Landrover


Stored in a dark corner of a barn


Spotted by a young man who worked on

the farm, who fell in love with it


John didn’t want to sell, but eventually sold

for £50


Went into store in the young man’s barn

in 1988


Was moved into another barn and

remained there from 1988 to 2011


Sold on to raise some money in 2011


An email received by Wendy, John Warrens

widow enquiring if anyone knew about the

original owners



The present owner, Martin Shaw, bought it

for restoration in 2013 and the pictures

above show its restoration.


The Ariel Wing, fully restored will be at

Lutterworth and District Museum’s Vintage

and Classic Vehicle Sunday on the 24th of

April 2016 along with Martin Shaw and Don

to answer all of your questions.


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