Welcome to Lutterworth & District Museum. We are an independent museum registered charity ( No. 1008383) staffed & run entirely by volunteers. The museum’s aim is to collect and preserve the documents & artefacts which chart the history of Lutterworth & its surrounding network of villages from earliest times to the present day.


The jewel in the crown of Lutterworth and District Museum is its unique archive of memorabilia of Sir Frank Whittle, Power Jets and the early history of the jet engine. The museum holds the original patent for the concept of the jet engine, registered by Sir Frank in 1930. Power Jets was at the Ladywood Works in Lutterworth not 250 meters from the Museum from 1938 - 1944.


The first successful flight took place on May 15th 1941, from Cranwell in Lincolnshire. Sir Frank telegraphed his team of engineers at their offices in Brownsover Hall, Rugby, to tell them of its success. The team opened a precious bottle of champagne to celebrate, and each of them signed the label on the bottle. That bottle is displayed in our museum.


We hold more items that can be displayed, these can be seen by special appointment with the Chairman of the museum Geoff Smith (please see below for more info)


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