Giving vital support
to the work of
the Museum

Volunteers contribute to the work of the Museum in many different ways, from engaging with visitors to supporting the work of the Museum’s curatorial, learning, administrative departments and events.

To keep active, to be part of a group, just to try something new, Have FUN

Make new friends. Volunteering is usually a social activity and people often use this opportunity to meet new people who share their interests and values.

Unemployed or considering a different career. People considering a job or totally different from their current role often find volunteering a good way to see if it suits them.

Improve the look of your CV.
Adding volunteer experience to a CV shows a commitment to helping others or experience in working in a particular field


Enjoy something they love.. A volunteer sees behind the scenes at a museum where the public cannot go, they may be able to handle objects, try out a completely new hobby, or get a break from their day job. They may just love the area or venue and want to be involved.

To give a more personal approach to customers

Volunteers can allow more access by giving personalised tours, guiding or filling in the background of exhibits which may otherwise be missed.

To build links with local groups, schools and the wider community

Outreach or school visits you can encourage them to visit your organisation, or act as community ambassadors. Local people are least likely to visit a museum or cultural experience on their doorstep. By involving them in other ways, such as projects, giving local history talks or through special events, you will keep your organisation at the forefront of their minds.

We are open Tuesday to Saturday, we are open mornings 10-1 and afternoons 1-4pm. You Choose what’s best for you.

You will have an induction, you will work with experienced colleagues giving help, guidance and support.

If you enjoy it we also have access to development courses covering different parts of how to become more involved.

For more information Please contact :-

 Geoff Smith at smith888@talktalk.net