LUTTERWORTH & DISTRICT MUSEUM hold a large amount of Military Memorabilia and Medals including :-

A Prussian helmet

a battle trophy brought home by a Lutterworth man and WW1 service medals. There is also a cabinet of WW2 memorabilia including medals and a Boer War rifle.


The Boer Wars was the name given to the South African Wars First of 1880‐1 and Second of 1899‐1902, that were fought between the British and the descendants of the Dutch settlers (Boers) in Africa. After the first Boer War William Gladstone granted the Boers self‐government in the Transvaal.


The .303 Rifle was also used in First World war.This particular one was brought back to England from France by soldier who lived in Pailton.


The soldier got off the train at Rugby Train Station and then walked from Rugby to Pailton. As he was walking he thought `why am I carrying this heavy gun all this way?’ It was at this point he decided to throw this rifle into a brook.


Twelve months later he was sitting in a pub with one of his friends telling him the story about the .303 rifle. They quickly finished their drink and walked together to the brook where they found his .303 Rifle 


The Lutterworth (Leicestershire) war memorial situated in the middle of the town on the junction of Church Street and George Street and was constructed by local builder Peter Rourke to a design by the Architect W K Bedingford. It was unveiled by the Earl of Denbigh on the 24th of May 1921 and had fifty two names of the fallen remembered on it