Just some of the things the Museum were invited to help, support and attend

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Visit of the Lutterworth Guides  Wednesday 14h November 2018  23 attended from 7yr to 10yr olds. 

In attendance were Stuart, Kerry, Geoff and 3 Guide helpers 

The Guides were given a tour of the museum with an explanation of the displays. 

The Guides were very interested in a lot of what we were displaying especially the noisy ones eg. Post Horn which Geoff murdered by trying to blow, The 1970s mobile phone was a hit and they could not believe that a phone that big was only used to phone people, no games, no internet etc. The visit lasted just over 1 hour and some of the Guides said they would be back with their families and use the museum for their History homework.

Sir Frank Whittle Talk at Brownsover Hall  Saturday 10th November 2018  72 paying guests In attendance. Ian Whittle (Frank Whittles Son)

Ian gave a talk about the work of his father, this was supported by items from Lutterworth Museum and an original film of Power Jets. The audience were very impressed with Ian’s talk and the support of Lutterworth Museum. ALL guests went away with a museum brochure. The museum will get £200 from the afternoon and will continue to support Ian when needed and still give our own Whittle talks when asked. 

Ian was so impressed with what we are doing, showing the work of his father he is sending his own PowerPoint presentation with film and photos to help with our own talks. 

Remembrance Day Lutterworth Working Mens Club 11th November 2018

Lutterworth Museum were invited by the British Legion to put on a display in the reception for the British Legion meeting, this is for the 4th year in succession. The display was very well received and thanks were received.

1940's Day Event Saturday 23rd September 2017 During the day ...

 A brilliant 1940's day at Lutterworth & District Museum.

Displays both inside and outside. LARGE models of famous planes on display including the DEKOTA DC3 passenger and cargo plane, VICKERS VISCOUNT passenger aircraft and the FAMOUS SPITFIRE

DEKOTA DC3 the first flight- December 17, 1935, the lives of millions of people throughout the world were about to change.

 THE VICKERS VISCOUNT was a British medium-range turboprop airliner first flown in 1948 by Vickers-Armstrong’s,

SPITFIRE The jewel in the crown memorabilia of Sir Frank Whittle, Power Jets and the early history of the jet engine. The museum holds the original patent for the concept of the jet engine, registered by Sir Frank in 1930. Power Jets was at the Ladywood Works in Lutterworth not 250 meters from the Museum from 1938 - 1944.Watching Films and sound tracks from that era.

Themed café and a number of Vehicles including Jeeps on display outside.

The Vulcan XH558 Guardians visit Lutterworth Museum October 2017

Group visits are always a lovely thing to do and something we do quite regularly. 

Lutterworth & District Museum received a request asking if we could arrange a group visit for Saturday 30th September.    

On Saturday 30th September, some 74 members of the Vulcan XH558 Guardians’ arrived at Lutterworth & District Museum.

Vulcan to the Sky Club supports the Vulcan XH558 by raising money to build a new hanger allowing resumption of tours, events, educational visits and engineering activities as soon as possible.

Geoff Smith Chairperson, gave a talk about Sir Frank Whittle, a power jets film previously not seen followed by a guided tour around the Museum talking about items on display including Archaeology, Corrall Family the Clock Makers of Lutterworth in 18th & 19th Century and Wycliffe.

The museum holds the original patent for the concept of the jet engine, registered by Sir Frank in 1930. Power Jets was at the Ladywood Works in Lutterworth not 250 meters from the Museum from 1938 - 1944.The team opened a precious bottle of champagne to celebrate, and each of them signed the label on the bottle. That bottle is displayed in our museum.

1940’s Evening October 2017

WOW!!! What a surprise. Miss England attended the Lutterworth & District Museum 1940's night on Saturday 23rd September 2017 which was held at the Wycliffe Rooms.

Miss England unannounced visit blew everyone away. Miss England opened the evening event along with Geoff Smith Chairperson of Lutterworth & District Museum and Mike Perks Mayor of Lutterworth. 

Miss England sang some of her favourite songs from that era along with the special 24 Piece Band JCT 21 who brought memories back to many singing 1940's songs and music from swing artist such as:-

Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and Artie Shaw, plus most notable crooners such as Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, not forgetting pure Jazz with artist Ella Fitzgerald (A-Tisket ,A-Tasket) , Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong… not forgetting Nat King Cole.

People came dressed in 1940's style, a special 1940's buffet meal included in the price, it all brought back found memories from the past.

We would like to thank everyone for a brilliant evening, thank you to Miss England and JCT 21 band for your help and support in raising money for Lutterworth & District Museum.


This year we were invited to display our Sir Frank Whittle memorabilia at Cosford Airshow. It was a long day plus the travel – but every minute was worth it. Ian Whittle was a guest of honour at the event and he was brilliant. Ian Whittle spent some time with us talking to visitor about his father’s engine and memorabilia. We sold some Whittle Mugs  books and postcards and other stuff on the day